About ColorPower

We are a leading provider of superior yet cost-effective printing services and creative solutions throughout our area. You can rely on our team of experienced specialists who always deliver professional results meeting the highest quality standards. We are proud to provide a full spectrum of printing services to individuals and businesses across various industries.


We are committed to your satisfaction delivering you the highest quality printing solutions which help you achieve business objectives.

Our values

ColorPower is proud to serve a huge network of clients across a wide range of industry sectors such as education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, financial, manufacturing, automotive, travel, hospitality, retail, and many others. Years upon years we build client relationships on our strong commitment to partnership and technological innovations.
Top quality is our first priority. We focus on projects of any complexity and strive to deliver print solutions in time and on budget. No job is too big or too small for us.

Our guarantees

Selling the highest quality printed products

Quality standards

We always meet high standards and our mission is to deliver the highest quality print solutions possible. We determine quality by estimating the best papers, buying environmentally friendly inks and consumables, hiring highly trained specialists, and creating reliable workflow systems that allow us to meet the required deadlines.

Extraordinary service

We go the extra mile to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients. We sincerely try to meet or exceed your expectations as to each printed document you buy from us.

Meaningful value

We apply the latest technologies and high-end solutions to create only high-quality products.

100% Refund

We provide our clients with a 100% money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the purchase. Just return your order & get a refund.

Our equipment

We have a wide range of up-to-date professional printing equipment. While our business is reputed to be manufacturing one, the choice of our equipment significantly influences on our company efficiency.
Our philosophy of ensuring consistent, timely delivery and the highest quality of printed products has been made possible due to our workflow systems, our dedicated team of specialists and first-class equipment.

Our Team


Andrew Shimmer


For more than 15 years, Andrew has been running our company, working hard to make it one of the best printing services providers. Now, we can proudly say he's succeeded in it!


Ann Maisner

Marketing Director

Ann is a highly skilled professional with over 10 years of experience in marketing. She definitely knows what it takes to successfully promote any business.


John Taylor

Print Director

John has been working with us for over 13 years. He is the one responsible for the quality of printing and the implementation of all the innovations.

Our clients